The Enchated Cave

The Enchated Cave

96 minutes | fairy tale

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia


The fairy tale belongs to the oldest genres of folk literature, but it has lasted for centuries and is firmly established in human consciousness as a necessary part of life, by word of mouth, written by writers, or reproduced by the latest technologies. Why maybe? To suffer, to laugh, to be afraid, to keep our fingers crossed, and to enjoy a happy ending? People have always put their problems in fairy tales, unfortunately, but above all, hope. The hope that there is justice somewhere, the truth will prevail and man has the right to happiness.

this film was funded


coproduced by  |  RTVS - Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska, FTV Prima

directed by  |  Mariana Čengel Solčanská

director of photography  |  Ivan Finta

script  |  ​Mariana Čengel Solčanská    

producers  |  Ľubomír Slivka, Dana Voláková, Igor Mašera

starring  |  Marko Igonda, Daniel Heriban, Michaela Drotárová,....

edited by  |  Ondrej Azor

sound  |  Ján Grečnár

production design  |  Milan Býček

costumes  |  Valéria Ducko Kelecsényi

masks  |  Zuzana Peschlová

premiere  |   jar 2021

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