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ATTACK FILM was founded in 1991 by a film producer, screenwriter and playwright

Ľubomír Slivka together with his wife and producer Katarína Vanžurová. The company took in the early years

existence focused on the distribution and dubbing of film titles mostly from the United States

American, collaborating with world studios such as Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox

or Warner Bros.

Since 2006 until today, the company has been one of the most important Slovak ones

production companies, which produced as a producer and co - producer 6 feature films and 3

feature documentaries. He cooperates professionally with leading Slovaks

as well as foreign film directors, actors and creators. Provides comprehensive services

in the field of development, production and post-production of quality audiovisual works. It focuses primarily

for feature films and television programs, many of which are co - produced by

foreign partners.

Among the successful projects is the distribution of the films The Lion King (1994), for which she also produced a Slovak one

version awarded the Golden Loop ´99 for best film dubbing, Star Wars: Episode 1 (1999), Time

Ice 1 and 2 (2002 and 2006) and Garfield (2004). At the same time, she prepared the Slovak version for the popular

90s series such as Judge Amy, or the film magazine Apropo Film, which she produced exclusively for

Slovak television.

As a producer, the company has produced several Slovak feature films such as Cinka Panna (2008), eŠteBák

(2012), The Seven Brothers (2015) and The Confidential Enemy (2018) and documents in collaboration with

Slovak television Krížom cez vody (2012), Ferraty (2015) and Pavúk (2018). Co-produced

participated in the projects Reverberations (2012) and Angel of the Lord 2 (2016).


The producer and manager of the company Katarína Vanžurová tragically left us on 04.08.2018.

Honor her memory.

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