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The Spider: A Climber of the Century

82 minutes | documentary



The Spider: The climber of the century

A portrait of the controversial personality of Slovak mountaineering Pavel Pochylý (1945 - 2000) nicknamed Pavúk. He followed the credo that the impossible is just one option. His life story is still breathtaking. He lived in the golden age of mountaineering. The fact that the space for performances and problem solving in the Tatras has narrowed down can be largely due to Pochylý. He solved all the most important challenges of the steep Tatra walls, thus indelibly inscribed in the history of Slovak mountaineering. He conquered every challenging wall with the most difficult climbing ascent. The only problem, however, was himself.

PAVÚK: horolozec storočia (oficiálny trailer)
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produced  |  ATTACK FILM 

coproduced |  RTVS - Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska

directed by  |  Ľubomír Ján Slivka

director of photography  |  Laco Kraus

producer |  Katarína Vanžurová

starring  |  Ján Ďurana, Rudolf Hajdučík, Pavol Jackovič, Katarína Gromová, Eugen Gindl

edited by  |  Oliver Greško

sound  |  Eduard Grečnár

premiere  |   19.06.2018

this film was funded
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