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Not Only The River Gets Older

Not only the river gets older

3x26 minutes | documentary cycle



Documentary series capturing rafting and rafting on Slovak rivers - their stories, traditions and history. A three-part television documentary series.

Len rieka nestarne
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this film was funded

produced by  |  ATTACK FILM (SK)

coproduced by  |  RTVS - Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska

directed by  |  Laco Kraus

story  |  Tomáš Kaminski

script  |  ​Ľubomír Slivka

directed by  |  Laco Kraus

producers  |  Katarína Vanžurová, Ľubomír Slivka

sound mixing  |  Bohumil Martinák

premiere  |   jar 2013

  • YouTube
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