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99 minutes | comedy

Czech Republic, Slovakia


In one day, one crazy night, and in one city, the comedy Ubal takes place and disappears. Three friends, Mireček (Matouš Ruml), Vilém (Janek Gregor) and Dužan (Duy Anh Tran), make money by growing and selling quality grass. Once they receive an offer that is not refused: to sell a complete harvest in one night. However, when they close a deal with a dangerous Bulgarian (Predrag Bjelac) and his right hand (Karel Dobrý), they find out that someone stole their greenhouse on purpose. They only have a few hours to save not only the business of the year, but also their little ones.

Producer |  FLAMESITE (CZ)

Coproducers | Dana Voláková (CZ) , Solid Enterprise (SK), PETARDA PRODUCTION (CZ), REDEMPTOR (CZ) , ATTACK FILM (SK) , LAMA LIGHTS (SK)

directed by | Adam Hobzík

DoP | David Ployhar

screenplay by | Adam Hobzík

producers | Kamil Kožíšek

starring | Matouš Ruml, Janek Gregor, Lukáš Duy Anh Tran, Marek Lambora, Predrag Bjelac, Karel Dobrý, Martin Hofmann, Leoš Noha

edited by | Adam Dvořák

music by | Petr Wajsar

sound by | Roman Capek

architect | Vaclav Novak

costumes | Tereza Lhotská

masks | Lenka Nosková

premiere 07/08/2021

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