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Gipsy Virgin

Gipsy Virgin

123 minutes | drama

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary


The most famous gypsy primate, Cinka Panna, lived and worked on the border of two worlds in the 18th century: the nobility she played and the gypsy community in which she lived her private life. In a community that has its own rules of being. In the spirit of tradition, she was sold into marriage. The young woman's desire is to succeed in the traditionally male profession. Become the first primate. However, the goal requires sacrifice. The historical, narrative, story captures a universally valid theme: the struggle for recognition and a place in the world. He reminds us that times and costumes change, but human problems remain ... And it is these that make the film's story timeless.

Cinka Panna (2008) - ukázka
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produced by  |  ATTACK FILM (SK)

coproduced by  | FOCUS FILM (HUN), Slovenská televízia (SK), Česká televize (CZ)

directed by  |  Dušan Rapoš

director of photography  |  Ján Ďuriš

script  |  ​Ľubomír Slivka    

produced by  |  Katarína Vanžurová, Ľubomír Slivka, Áron Sipos

starring  |  Anna Gurij, Martin Huba, Zuzana Kronerová, Marián Slovák, Jozef Vajda

edited by  |  Zuzana Čeple

original score  |  Arpád Kákonyi, Ján Berky Mrenica

costumes  |  Ľubica Jarjabková

theme song  |  Karel Gott

premiere  |   23.10.2008

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