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ANDY WARHOL: The American Dream

104 minutes | document

Slovak Republic, Czech Republic


Andy Warhol's answer to the question of where he comes from is well known: "From nowhere". His parents emigrated to the USA during the monarchy and thus entered a period of great migration from the territory of today's Slovakia. and reveals the life of man, whose works form a significant part of world culture.

produced by  |  ATTACK FILM

coproduced by  |   Radio and Television of Slovakia, LUMINAR Film

producers  |  Ľubomír Slivka, Roman Genský, Martin Růžička

directed by  |  Ľubomír Slivka

DOP  |  Juraj Galvánek, Martin Straka

screenplay by  |  Petra Babic Slivková

edited by  |  Petra Babic Slivková, Nina Grečková, Oliver Greško

premiere  |   2023

development and production was supported by

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