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Peter Poch
* 07.02.1998, Žilina, Slovak Republic
executive producer
Alma mater
2018 - present
Academy of Musical Arts in Prague
Film and television faculty
Department of Production


The Backwards: The story of Košice

beetles (2016)

The Spider: A Climber Of The Century (2018) 

GOLDEN BOYS: Stories From Slovak Hockey (2020)

Spliff And Split Up (2021)

The Enchanted Cave (2022)

Peter Poch is a young Slovak producer. He started filming as an 11-year-old when he made his first amateur films. His passion for moving pictures also filled him throughout the high school at the 1st private grammar school in Bratislava, which also strongly supported him. There, through his classmate, he met his parents, Mr. Ľubomír Slivek and Mrs. Katarína Vanžurová, who, as filmmakers, gave him extraordinarily great professional knowledge. His professional debut was a feature-length documentary about a Slovak group interpreting the song The Beatles The Backwards: The Story of Košice Beetles, which was presented by Slovak film clubs and broadcast by Slovak and Czech Television. After starting his production studies at FAMU in Prague, his steps were directed to ATTACK FILM, where he works as an executive producer.

tel .: +421 911 721 998
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