Dream Me Up

Dream Me Up

110 minutes | drama

Slovakia, Czech Republic


He is younger and quarrels with the world. She is more experienced and enjoys watching her image reflected in his eyes. He's just getting ready for college, she's already studying. The story of the search for love finds meaning in its search. Against the background of the Slovak mountains, Matej's youth takes place, which is a reflection of the turbulent years of adolescence and exaggerated emotions. Rejected by a strong but unwanted love for Dorothy, which he cannot suppress, he becomes a monk. He sees celibacy as an escape. Misunderstandings will cause their long-term separation, but after years they will begin to meet again. A little differently, but the same as all the time - in dreams.


produced by  |  ATTACK FILM

directed by  |  Juraj Nvota

script  |  ​Daniel Pastirčák

producers  |  Peter Poch, Ľubomír Slivka

premiere  |   2023